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This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 9 (or newer) 0r Mozilla Firefox 29.0.1 and Google Chrome at 1280 x 1024 screen resolution. CARP, or the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program, is the redistribution of public and private agricultural lands to farmers and farmworkers who are landless ...

Background South Africans have reason to be proud of their achievements over the past 18 years. Dating from the election in April 1994 research paper on air conditioning system in which our country chose ... Evaluating land and agrarian reform in South Africa Farm tenure Ruth Hall An occasional paper series 3 SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT UNIVERSITY OF THE WESTERN CAPE

AgEcon Search is migrating March 31-April 4 research paper ready to a new platform Invenio, by TIND. Submissions will be frozen during that period. The interface will look and feel very ... This background paper intends to highlight key issues surrounding the impact of HIV/AIDS on land, particularly at the rural household level in Southern and Eastern ... Land rights and agrarian reform; land deals in Africa

Purpose: Initiate sustainable land reform programme in South Africa. The programme consists of the following subprogrammes: Land Reform National Office The Department of International Development (ID) was established in 1990 as the Development Studies Institute (DESTIN) to promote interdisciplinary postgraduate ... DENR-ERDB puts up Visayas Tree Seed Center to support NGP up to 2028 . Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) of the Department of Environment and Natural ...

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