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Suites and Hotel

All with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, Ehden Country Club features various deluxe guest rooms and spacious suite accommodations, designed specifically  to satisfy our diverse clientele’s needs, and bring them some of the comfort of their own homes. Our guest rooms and suites, which differ mainly in their size since all of them are meant to give you peace and tranquility, are the perfect fit when traveling on business, visiting family, or escaping the busy life for a planned vacation or a long weekend.

Ehden Country Club provides a variety of solutions for your vacation needs:
If you are interested in apartments, you can choose from a number of excellently- designed layouts ranging from 90m to the spacious 270m!

With all of the modern amenities and luxuries expected from a first class resort, all our guest rooms and suites feature a panoramic view, the latest in plumbing and electrical equipment, independently- controlled air conditioning and heating, year-round hot and cold water, electricity, drinking water, and fully- equipped Kitchens… high-quality structural materials that radiate charm and warmth.

  1. Honeymooners’
  2. Suites with Jacuzzis
  3. Regular Rooms:  Studio, CDL, Suite, 2 bedrooms apartment, 3 bedrooms apartment

If required by our guests, we can also arrange for extra beds or baby cots (one extra bed or baby cot per room). Moreover, we can also arrange for a qualified and fully screened babysitter to take care of your little ones, if you’re at a wedding party at our resort, or want to enjoy a romantic evening in one of our restaurants or bars, or want to spend the night out in town while you are staying at Ehden Country Club.

Our well trained staff will take good care of our guests and will not spare any effort in order to make them feel mostly welcome, exactly as if they were in their own homes.

We also have an in–house maintenance team who’s ready round the clock to take care of any mechanical, electrical and plumbing problem reported by any of our guests and in no time. Each apartment also has an internal and external telephone line, a hook-up to our central video library, and direct access to the fifty two television channels  (satellite radar dish installed on the premises). Besides that, all our suites and guest rooms have free internet access throughout the day.

For those with pressing business matters to settle, they can rely on our international Telephone, Telefax, and telex services.



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