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With its excellent facilities, convenient location, and the heavenly weather of Ehden town, Ehden Country Club offers its guests during their stay, the opportunity to experience and enjoy a wide range of activities, from which we strive to satisfy their needs. We tend to bring our guests and their families the best of Ehden, with relaxing recreation and new discoveries available at every turn.

Whether watching or pushing your stamina, a game of tennis or squash at Ehden Country Club always comes alive with fun filled times!

Game Room
Our game room offers unlimited entertainment. Whether you’re in for bowling or billiards, snooker, hockey or foosball (baby-foot), videogames or ping-pong / table tennis, we made sure that all ages and all family members enjoy this leisure zone. We also have indoor and outdoor children’s playground, which welcome your little ones throughout the seasons.

Computer Network Room
At Ehden Country Club, we have also a computer network room, fully equipped with the latest computers and computer games, where one can enjoy a variety of thrilling multi-player games or surf the net.

Fitness Center, Sweedish Sauna & Showers
Stretch and tone in our workout zone including aerobics classes and weight rooms. Afterwards, wind down in our Swedish Saunas, with a therapeutic massage and a mesmerizing warm shower.

Walk through the Club’s garden and experience the sensation of your worries melting away. The fresh mountain air releases all care as you relax poolside at our heated, semi-Olympic swimming pool, or immerse yourself in our outdoor Jacuzzi.  We also have a safe swimming pool for your beloved ones, since nothing compares to the heartwarming sight of children playing around!

Mini-market, Sports Shop and Hair Salon
We have a few stores that can help accommodate some of your shopping needs, namely minimarket and a sports shop. Besides that, a hair salon is also available to keep the ladies in style.

If you are looking for more than just a walk in town, Ehden Country Club is few minutes away from Horsh Ehden’s Natural Reserve, where nature trails wind through a wonderful woodland setting, and where you’ll pass wildlife, natural streams, plants, and trees native to Ehden.

Cycling is one of the many activities that you can enjoy at Ehden Country Club, especially when there are hundreds of meters of bicycle paths within the premises. Moreover, if you are seeking a more thrilling experience, become your own guide and explore the beautiful town of Ehden and discover a different side of the city with loads of fun and engagement in your own way, Ehden Country Club is ideally located for an unforgettable two-wheeled adventure, with stunning scenic routes along the valley side on the newly opened bypass or throughout the town.

Quad Biking
There’s no better way to explore Ehden Mountains’ spectacular scenic beauty than on a quad bike. Whether you have your own quad bike or not, and would like to go on an exceptional ride off road, at Ehden Country Club we can arrange for a guided quad bike tour into the mountains, where you can drive rough and bumpy off-road trails in breathtaking mountain surroundings. It is the experience that you do not want to miss!

Ehden Country Club: A healthy mind in a healthy body!


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