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Restaurants / Events
We offer a variety of dining options specially designed to please all tastes.

Terrace / Pool Side Restaurant
Our pool side restaurant offers poolside dining for lunch and afternoon snacks, for those who do not wish to waste a single minute off the pool! Here we offer our valued guests a wide selection of reasonably priced snacks and fast food items, as well as candy, fresh juices and ice cream etc., all to satisfy the needs of every member of the family.

Piano Bar
Ehden Country Club’s Piano Bar is an intimate refined nightspot venue suitable for a quiet night out or even a late drink. Serving delicious appetizers, creative cocktails and a collection of the finest drinks in an ambiance of lively musical entertainment, our Piano Bar is the perfect place to relax and forget about the stresses of your day.

Ehden Country Club’s Clubhouse is a classy gathering room that turns into a disco club late at night, and a place where you time flies when you are with friends. A wide range of menu items carefully selected is available for you to order while watching a game, or enjoying all of yesterday’s and today’s hits.

Indoor Restaurant
Enjoy the relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere of Ehden Country Club’s indoor restaurant, and the ultra-stylish light and airy décor blending traditional with contemporary, which provides a unique setting for both intimate parties and larger events. Enjoy the fine delicacies which our talented Chefs prepare for you every day with love and passion, using only fresh local ingredients prepared on the premises.

At Ehden Country Club we can cater for all your events, be it a family occasion, a corporate or a social event, or even an extravagant wedding ceremony. Our indoor dining hall has a capacity of around 250 persons, while our outdoor space around the pool can accommodate up to 1,200 persons during a single event.

No matter how big is your event, our capabilities and professionalism will surely surprise you!


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